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  • 25ml/50ml Jiggier


    Use this stainless steel jigger to pour the perfect single and double measures to create flawless cocktails

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    3 Line Bar Dispense draught kit

  • 8ft Bar

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    Bar Strainer

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    Flow Neon LED bar. White 3m barfront with two white backbars fitted with mirrored optic panels.

  • Freeflow Pourer


    Professional tapor pourer

    • Medium flow

    • Endorsed by Tom Dyer, multiple UK & world bartending champion

    • Calibrated and tested by Tom Dyer

    • Strong, compact metal components

    • Stylish chrome finish

    • Durable rubber cork fits most bottles – suitable for 75cl, 100cl and 150cl bottles

    • No spillage or dripping

    • Specially tailored for mixologists and flair bartenders

    • Not suitable for cordials or acidic drinks

    • Hand wash only

  • Piano Bar


    RGBW Led Back lit Piano Gin Bar, with glass shelves and wine rack.

    Custom colours can be achieved using the supplied LED remote Control.